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Created: 11/12/12
Last Edited: 09/07/13
I’m that kind of person who always wants to be informed about his web statistics. So since I got my first iPhone, Ego App was the app I used most. The problem with ego was that it only supported a few webservices/websites. No Behance or Dribbble, no Facebook or Instagram. After ego even reomved some services I thought it is time for a new and better app to display your web statistics.
So here is a first rough concept such an app might look like.
    The good news is that I only started designing this app because I wanted a replacement for the bad and incomplete ego app and just recently Fffabs & Shiny Frog released such an app, which is awesome btw. So go and download it here! The bad news (at least for me) is that this concept will not be developed for now, what actually is the reason why I did this concept page here.

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