Created: 08/30/13
Last Edited: 09/22/13
We created 60 icons for TidePool, an application which calculates your personality type through a series of exercises. The app aims to better help you understand your personality, thinking and mood. Each icon works as a badge to represent that particular personality.
  • The Swiss Army Knife, The Different Drummer, The Laser, The Examiner
  • The Trendsetter, The Clicker, The Power Tool, The Designer
  • The Decider, The Ghost Writer, The Host, The Bullet Train
  • The Anchor, The Dynamo, The Calculator, The Director
  • The Workhorse, The Connoisseur, The Algorithmist, The Explorer
  • The Sparkler, The Pillar of Strength, The Shelter, The Painter's Palette
  • The Free Spirit, The Enrepreneur, The Lone Ranger, The Charger
  • The Architect, The Cool Cat, The Loyalist, The Team Player
  • The Producer, The Chess Player, The Maverick, The Microwave
  • The Paradox, Pablo Picasso, The Analyst, The Well-oiled Machine
  • The Private Investigator, The Detailer, The Connector, True Blue
  • Tried and True, The Drum Machine, The Eye of the Storm, The Scientist
  • The Chief Executive, The Soloist, The Giver, The Go Getter
  • The Trailblazer, The Rock,┬áThe Scrutinizer, The Super Sleuth
  • The Impulse Planner, The Igniter, The Free Verse Poet, The Brainstorm

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