Map My Mission

Created: 08/05/13
Last Edited: 09/23/14
Create your mission right on the map and decide whether or not you want to collect sponsorships for a charity or your own cause.

Then just go out and do your usual exercise such as walking, running, swimming, cycling or whatever and log each of your distances into your mission page or smartphone app.

Your progress along your mission path will be updated and you'll get to see just how far you've gone and how far you've got to go.

You'll be obsessing about exercising in no time!

How we planned to illustrate all that?
With simple, flat and clean yet very functional design for web, desktop and mobile devices.
Following the style of the new flat iOS design, we decided to redesign the web & desktop platforms with the same simplicity and ease of use.
All screens, pop ups, buttons, elements, and shapes are styled with pixel perfection and fully optimized for Apple's retina display.
As to attention to details... well... our name is DtailStudio.

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