Created: 07/29/13
Last Edited: 08/21/14
First and foremost: I am not a type designer per se. I create fonts only in order to incorporate them to my designs.

Nevertheless, I have been often required to release them as functional fonts; so much that I had to give in, and I've started converting some.

London is the first one. It is inspired by and based upon the classic Bodoni (Black MT), with major adjustments on the loops, ears, spurs and overall width.
  • Meet also the version with filling.
  • In Time:This was featured in the Computer Arts Magazine (UK) #219, and in their Creative Bloq. A great honour!
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    plus the original PSD file so you can also play with the text effect.
    In Time: I am still working on kerning and a few minor adjustments, but feel free to try the beta version of London 2.0. It has been completely redone and it's more consistent the the previous version. 
    Best of all, it is free.
    My way to say THANK YOU for your kind support and appreciations.

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