Still Here... A pip adventure

  • Still Here... A Pip Adventure Is a Mobile game for iOS and Android with a strong focus on art and a beautiful world that you can explore to your hearts content. 

    It's created by me (David Smit), with the help of Emiel Kampen.

    All the art is done by David Smit in Photoshop and an trusted Warom Intuos

    Why did mankind leave earth? 
    Set in the near future, ‘Still Here’ for iOS and Android is a 2D flight game which takes you on journey through a beautiful dystopian world with lots of secrets  and unique locations to discover.

    Unique colorful dystopian world to discover
    Befriend a cast of heartwarming AI
    Relaxing tap-to fly gameplay
    Unlock various characters and outfits
    20 Challenging Quests
    2 unique game modes
    Create and share in-game photos

  • Over the course of 2.5 years I've painted Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Assets. 

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    A selection of early Concept art

    As you can see from some of the images, the early process was very open
     both in terms of Game design as well as Art style. 

    I took my time in finding the right combination between realism, stylized, free feeling and personal.  ​​​​​​​