All We Hold Sacred. Family (BA praxis)

  • Some double pages out of my bachelor work
    with the title "Alles was uns heilig ist."
    whitch means all we hold sacred.
    It's the first part with family as topic.

                                                                                                            Have fun! ;)                                                                                                          
  • RACKER (lil rascal)
    God Of Young Parents
  • HERR HEIMELIG (Mr. Haimish)
    The God Of The Own Four Walls
  • PLÜSCH + PÜPPI are not so happy about THE ULTIMATE PET
    The Ruling Gods Of Toys And The New Favorit God Of Pets
  • OMA
    (germ. for granny)
    The Goddess of Warm Hugs, Kisses, Scent of Roses And Curly Funny Colored Hair

  • OMA
    (germ. for granny)
    The Goddess of Sweets, Pocket Money, Toys And So On
    The God Of Puberty
    The God Of Masturbation
  • PUBERTUS + REBELLI + SUFF (germ. for booze)
    The Three Gods For Pubescent, Rebelling And/Or Drunken Teenagers
    The Teen Pop Idol God
    And finally some posters.