ARKE HELI - Product Design & 3D Animation

  • Light. Fast. Efficient.

    What if tomorrow you could travel using 
    a revolutionary state of the art flying vehicle?
  • Introducing the Arke Heli, the new urban one man helicopter. 

    A self-sustainable vehicle that is charged by means of a tailor-made photo-voltaic docking system. Engineered with business travel and courier services in mind, the Arke Heli is the safest and most comfortable flying vehicle that ensures and consolidates the success of your journey. 

    Arke Heli. 
    Delivering Thrust.
  • Arke Heli - The One Man Helicopter Arke Heli is a fast, agile, lightweight, solar powered, multipurpose helicopter. It has been designed to allow a wide variety of rapid configuration options. The aircraft may be converted rapidly from a personnel transport to a utility cargo configuration. 

    3D Model Noeleen Abela
    Animation & Compositing Andrea Meli
    Voice Mick Lauer
    Track Marteria - Verstrahlt