4G LTE from Batelco : promotional illustrations.

    4G Launch in Bahrain
    Batelco — it's national telecommunication company
    of Bahrain. And it was the first telecom company,
    which provided new 4G LTE service in the country.
    Below are the promotional illustrations for Batelco's
    advertising campaign. One of the illustrations was
    connected with F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain, where 
    Batelco was one of sponsors.
    Executive Creative Director: Liam Farrell
    Creative Group Head / Art Director: Marcus Koskinen
    Copywriter: Ahmed Waheed Hamdy
    Illustrator / Photographer: Aleksei Segodin
    3D modeling & visualization: Aleksei Segodin
    Retouchers: Aleksei Segodin, Jose Aubele
    Web design: Aleksei Segodin
  • From the first glance composition of this illustration may seem strange — with big empty spaces in corners. But it was made intentionally to make the illustration usable with copy in very different cases, such as extremely narrow vertical or horizontal banners. See the very last two images on this page.
  • Website for selling F1 tickets.
  • Illustration in motion. Video ad in airport.
  • The girl was noticed in Batelco's retail store.
  • Photo shooting at F1 track in Bahrain.