New Yorker Save The Date

  • Save The Date –
    A Modern Reimagining of Sternberg’s Manhattan
  • A personal project illustrated and designed for a New York couple's Save The Date announcements, this piece works as an obvious play on and reimagining of Steinberg’s famed “View of The World from 9th Avenue” created for The New Yorker magazine in 1976. Whereas Steinberg’s art looked west from 9th Avenue across the city to the rest of the United States, the Pacific, and onto Japan and China, this interpretation looks east from the Manhattan couple’s part of the city around Broadway and Franklin toward Chinatown, the East River, Brooklyn/Queens, the Atlantic, and onto Denmark – where the wedding will be held in a beautiful castle.
    Google Maps and Street View were used extensively to get an accurate depiction of the buildings in the Broadway/Franklin/Lafayette vicinity; slight adjustments (such as straightening the road around where it would hit Collect Pond Park) were made to keep the illustration a clear reference to the original upon which it plays.
    While the layout is meant to obviously reference his work, stylistically I employed a bit of my own personal tight, mechanical illustration style and detailed brush strokes in its execution. It also carries the subtle pun of how Steinberg saw Manhattanites painting "New Jersey" with just one broad brushstroke of an area, and depicts a broad brushstroke simply labeled "Hipsters" indicating an exaggerated Manhattan view of Brookyln. The illustration work was done first in by hand with pen-and-ink, and then embellished with digital paints to bring in color to the piece. A few larger format fine art prints will be made, and smaller keepsake cards of the artwork will be mailed as a Save The Date announcement card to the couple’s family and friends.
  • Fine Art Prints:
  • A small number of prints of the illustration were made in a larger, 12.5"x16" format to be matted and framed for the couple's home. For these prints, we selected 110# Finch Fine Cover for the paper stock to ensure a quality finish and feel for the keepsake. In dealing with printing small numbers of the print, an off-set press is not feasible; however, rather than run it on a toner-based digital printer, we opted to use the HP Indigo series of printers so that we could run the prints with liquid inks to simulate higher-quality, off-set printing, and the results were prints that carried a fine art feel worthy of the wall space.
  • Keepsake Invitations:
  • For the Save The Date cards that would be mailed to the couple's list of family and friends, we chose to use a 5"x7" size format printed on 100# Neenah Royal Sundance Linen Cover, Ultra White. The cards were then placed inside 70# Royal Sundance Linen Text, Ultra White envelopes – both paper types and weights creating a quality experience when receiving the small piece of artwork. We uploaded the custom font to the printer, and with the HP Indigo were able to use serial printing so that the different names and addresses for each recipient were printed on the envelope in the style of the illustration.
  • Process:
  • The illustration was done entirely by hand with pen-and-ink, and later scanned in to apply all of the colors by digital paints in Adobe Photoshop.
  • The illustration peers down an exaggerated Franklin Street in Manhattan, across Broadway and Lafayette toward Chinatown and the East River, to show the view from the couple's part of New York. Across the river, Brookyln is painted with a broad brush strok of "Hipsters," and Denmark is in the distance – with a rising illustration depicting the castle where the couple will be wed.
  • Final Illustration: