KLO: Character

  • Client: Michurin
    Brand: KLO
    Creative production agency: Looma

    KLO – is a gas station network, located in Kyiv area. As a part of the brand communication, this year KLO introduced it's own brand mascot, based on the logo concept.
    Our task was to create an attractive and functional character, maintaining the image recognition. The process included concept creation, 3d modeling, rigging and creation of series of key visuals.
  • So, let's start from some sketching
  • Creating 3d version
  • Riggin' and animation tests
  • Key visuals
  • Rock'n'rolla
  • Shopper
  • TV Show
  • Traveller
  • Promo winner
  • Refueller
  • Lobby boy
  • 360°
  • Character usage in brand activities
  • Branded stuff
  • Client: KLO / Michurin
    Creative Director: Dmitry Bolsunovsky
    Designer: Valery Chaliy
    Creative production agency: Looma
    Creative Director: Sergey Prokopchuk
    3D artists: Yurii Oleshko, Alexander Remishevsky
    2D artist: Inna Grishuk
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