Dawn Olivieri Portraits & Film

  • Dawn Olivieri Portraits
  • Portrait shoot with Dawn Olivieri (co-star of Showtime's "House of Lies", formerly a regular on "Heroes", "Vampire Diaries", "True Blood"). Dawn and I had shot previously, when she was a model before her acting career took off. When she had her breakout role, she called about doing something dramatic with a carnival spin.
    The same week my friends at L.A. Circus just happened to call letting me know they had a full carnival set built. (L.A. Circus is a traveling circus troop who also creates most of the circus and carnival sets for Hollywood). The set was booked for everyday but one, so they offered it to us for that open day. Things just came together for this shoot. The images have run extensively in numerous editorial outlets.
    "Motion Portrait" video below the photos