Formpit | healthy food delivery

  • Formpit – delivery of healthy food

    I am proud to present to you the recently implemented project Formpit – delivery of healthy food. I tried to convey the value of the brand, and decided to create a design that will be popular and memorable in the international market. Now everything is new, a new way of thinking, a new company, an image that will remain in the hearts of customers.

    Client: Формула Питания

  • UI/UX site design

    Created a web design of the entire site with the selection of food. The site is made in a clean, light design with a clear interface, despite the complexity of the selection of food. Created more than 30 pages + responsive design more than 100 screens
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    Worked on the project: 

    Designer: Maya Delia 

    Web development: Victor Shibut

    Client: Формула Питания