• Tronco is a commercial and creative content production company in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its productions include commercials, web series, and both short and full feature films.

    As we move forward in time, culture and technology shape the way we think and develop brands. Tronco's ID aims to live and grow among modern interactive brands. We want the ID to be instantly recognisable and provide consistency in people's encounters with the brand.

    Along with the brand, we developed a smart and dynamic website that allows Tronco to display a curated and "always-pretty" experience no matter the region or device the user is in.

  • Client: Tronco
    Creative Director: Tomi Dieguez
    Executive Producer: Lautaro Brunatti
    Producer: Raquel Barreto

    Production Company: Hueso
Director: Gianluca Fallone
    Executive Producer: Santiago Moncalvo
    Assistant Producer: Paula Melfi
    Art Director: Gianluca Fallone
    Web Design & Coding: Gianluca Fallone