Color script with LG

  • I am so honoured to share here today my experience with LG UltraFine Display.
    Here's a bit of the development we did for the video to showcase my work and my use of their screen.

    As you might know, I use color to tell stories. 
    On films, books or any visual story, color plays a huge part on how we feel.
  • I break the story into scenes, creating thumbnails of small paintings, then making a color script that guides the viewer through a set of emotions.

    I use the same process both for animation films and for illustrating books.
    The same scene can make us feel more sad, happy or angry among many other things just by tweaking colours.

    With a color script, my aim is to be able to explain from just a thumbnail when the happiest moment will be, or the saddest, or the most intense among many other feelings.
  • Here is a bit of my studio!
  • And here are some captured moments from the video where I explain a little bit of the process :)
  • Filming Direction: Alice Castro
  • Filming team: Repslabel