• Beko, a Turkish appliance and consumer electronics brand wanted to show film series to promote their position in the market. We then decided to develop a concept and designed their logo in the atmospheres that reflects their product range and quality. From washing machine to coffee maker, designs give insights about products in an artistic and playful way.​​​​​​​

  • Client // Reklamveren: Beko
    Production Company // Yapım Şirketi: Lunapark Film
    Supervisor // Süpervizör: Mustafa Coşar
    Producer // Yapımcı: Melih Mollaoğlu
    3D Supervisor // 3D Süpervizör: Berkay Bentürküm
    Art Director // Sanat Yönetmeni: Semih Kodarlak, Büşra Çağlar
    Jr. Stratejist // Jr. Stratejist: Sümeyye Doruk
    3D Animation // 3D Animasyon: Berkay Bentürküm, Alican Çeviker
    3D Modelling // 3D Modelleme: Selim İyikalender
    Rendering // Lighting: Berkay Bentürküm, Sercan Şahin
    Compositing: Berkay Bentürküm, Betül Toprak, Alican Çeviker
    3D Simulation // 3D Simülasyon: Mustafa Yılmaz

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