MiniMini 2018 | Lola & Finek

  • MiniMini 2018 | Meet Lola & Finek! 

    Once again, we were invited by our friends at CANAL+ to create new series of promotional short stories and illustrations for the MiniMini+ channel. 

    2018 marks the addition of 2 new characters: octopus and dolphin. Lola, the cute octopus, is the acting adult and mediator. Her patience, strength and multiple arms are invaluable help in keeping the rest out of the trouble. Still, she's a kid - not saint - so expect some playfulness. Finek, the dolphin, is the typical joker and light-hearted persona. You can always expect him to cause trouble or at least go over the speed limit. Did we mention he's pretty fast for his age? Yeah.  

    The new designs were based on the style and key proportions of the original little fish while adding something new to each character’s design and technical properties. The characters feature rich hand painted textures and unique animation rigs. 

    Thanks to the new heroes and advancements in CG department, we were able to create more engaging stories and even richer environments. Please take a glimpse at the new season by scrolling down. 

    Have fun



    CLIENT | MiniMini+ channel / CANAL+
    Creative Director | Lukasz Slotwinski, Wladyslaw Buchner

    Art directOR | Nina Rozpotynska, Milosz Wlazlo
    Anim director & char designer | Milosz Wlazlo
    3D & Postproduction | YUMEKON art collective
    Music | Szymon Wysocki

    Based on original work by Maciek Balauszko, Artur Valverde-Piedra, Jaroslaw Mankiewicz

    Thanks for watching!