Signature K.W. 2019

  • Signature K.W.
  • Sketches for the project
  • Monologue
  • Comfort
  • Elephant
  • Composition III
  • Smile
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Family
  • Shooting process
  • artist, photographer: Filipp Rabachev
                       Model: Alexey Sulima
    Clothing: Second Kent
                                                  Special thanks for Diana Ivanina, Vlad BeznosovNikolay Zheludkov,  Dasha, Fotofonar
  •  The deeper the blue color becomes, the more it attracts a person to infinity, arouses in him a desire for purity and, finally, to the supernatural ... The brighter he becomes, the quieter his sound, until he turns into a silent stillness and becomes white.
     Tune your ears to music, open your eyes for painting and ... stop thinking!  Just ask yourself if your work allows you to enter a previously unknown world.  If the answer is yes, then what else do you need?
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