Over the clouds | More than an air pollution mask

  • Over the clouds​​​​​​​

    I'm collaborating with creative Nick Kugge 
    We are currently pitching this idea to NGOs (so if you're interested in making our idea happen let us know!).
    Each year an invisible threat kills over 9000 Londoners: air pollution.
    Children are the most vulnerable when facing this silent killer. While masks are not the answer to our air-pollution problems they remain the only active protection available. But getting children to wear one of those clinical-looking mask is a problem in itself. 

    So how can we get children to wear an air pollution mask?
    We show them how their role-models and all-time heroes have always been wearing a mask: superheroes. We create a range of air-pollution masks for children inspired from superheroes outfit, such as Spiderman, Black Panther, etc. And for the superheroes who don't wear a mask, like Superman or Wonder Woman, we show them wearing one - because when it comes to air pollution, we’re all humans.

  • This is our initial brainstorm and sketches

  • Some alternative colours for the logo

  • Final packaging for the masks, we decided to go with five designs for
    Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Wonder woman and Ironman.

  • 5 mask-pack

  • Then we thought, kids really like feeling part of a group, a squad or collective.
    So we decided to go further and create a kit of each mask that would come with your own Anti-Pollution squad goodies like the patch, poster or pin.

  • Final poster design for each superhero and mask.
    We decided to use illustration as the masks are for kids and we needed minimalistic colourful visuals.

  • To get children to understand the dangers of air pollution we create a 2D game where you play as a superhero flying through a polluted city. You have to dodge toxic clouds and catch the air-pollution masks - which serve as a shield - allowing your character to briefly go through the polluted clouds.