Mountain Dew - Infinity Fruits

  • in 1935 accidentally in space, section 7 at the blue ocean, “Mountain Dew” found the blueberry, protected by huge blueberries
    in 1940, “Mountain Dew”  was created a Secret organization “Alianz Soda” to collect the flavours,
  • after 4 years in world war 2 there was a massive explosion in “fanta” secret factory at the white desert led to know where the strawberry, 
  • while “Alianz Soda”  went to take the strawberry from “Fanta” secret factory  they found something else, it was the pinapple hidden in a lab, 

  • in 1970 “Allianz Soda” went to take the green apple from the wizard of green vortex planet
    by the power of the other flavors they have.
  • in space, section 5 at the red moon, they found the mandarin
    but they have to sacrifice the orange to be able to get the mandarin
  • by using the green apple they went back to the stone age the dragons ruled the world, and that wasn’t myth as we knew the thron of the dragon king had the dragon fruite above it, “Alianz Soda” used the flavours power to fight the dragons and take the dragon fruite, 
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