Black Swan ( Mixed Media + Digital Painting )

  • Black Swan 

    Mixed Media ( Oil Painting + Digital Painting )

  • A committed dancer struggles to maintain her sanity after winning the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". IMDB Black swan Movie produced in 2010 staring Natalie Portman  

    Using Both digital and traditional oil painitng is to connect both worlds .. I used diffrent palette  knives and traditional  brush set then scan the Painting and moving in digitally  
  • Details
  • closing look for Details you can see many cuts with than direction of the face anatomy which leads to this Broken view of the face and to achieve an emotional connection to the painting by Moving Randomly with My emotion and view so it is an order Building on the aches of chaos 
  • Black Swan is a mix Between the wight swan which turns to the black with all of its imperfections all the evil all the pain that's why I played with colors Red and Blue and Green and mixed between them which lead to a good amount of variations  between strokes to Represent the Evil and Good And pain and the inner fight in the Black swan its not all hell after all there is something good here but its not in control now 
  • adding and painting on digital layers with the great zooming in and on high dpi makes things even more demontioal like if it was each brush  fighting its way out to get out of the painting and reach the audience   
  • The Hunted Screaming Eyes ​​​​​​​
  • The Eye is The Mirror of the soul and her eyes have both feelings of pain and evil , vengence  .. Broken Heart and Blood Hunting Thats why i used both tears and bloody red Eyes  to Represent the fight and the Heat of the subconscious 
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