Schauder-Mechendi CZ9 1989 Automata Le Mans

  • Overall winner, autonomous 1989, the Schauber-Mechendi CZ9 was the result of 5 years of joint development between the German race car development firm and the Indian autonomous sensor and programming company. The iconic bare polished bare metal front battery shell contrasted by hypercarbon¬†rear chassis with flourescent detail graphics was groundbreaking in style and also dominating performance. relive the glory of that victory with the Spruemeister 1:18 metal RC series. New Ace series build is easy for less experienced modelers and will get you assembled and running quickly.¬†

    This "historical" autonomous design series has a particular mass that from an artistic standpoint highlights the absence of a driver by intentionally excluding the mass of the vehicle where the driver compartment would be- nearly every car in this series has a distinct cutaway in that area that is emphasized by allowing the background to "eat into" the area normally occupied by the driver area. It's the inverse of the normal that makes it obvious that this isn't just a car with a driver. Allowing for a distinctive, impossible packaging and massing helps define a hypothetical evolution of the cars through each illustration that I create.