Violin City

  • Violin City

    'Violin City is part of the Paper Artist Collective project (Paper Passion) sponsored by Arctic Paper.
    When I thought of what I would create for the Arctic brief, I had no idea where to begin, so I thought to start from a place of love. Something that brings harmony, joy and presence to my state of being. Music! In particular, the sound of the Violin, played with passion and powerful emotions, elation or desperation. 

    Shortly after I stated sketching my violin another topic started worming its way into my mind and therefore into my sketch book as well. Immigration! A generic topic, yet extremely personal to me and many people like me. Contrary to popular opinion it's not a current topic at all, it's as old as the existence of mankind and many other species; the instinct to survive and the need to search for a better destination. 

    In my piece I do not attempt to talk about immigration in the way we know it as, but rather a simple curious search for sound. I hope to tell the story of a city in search of its melody and harmony, not necessarily by moving into a new space, but rather by looking for it's unique beautiful sound from within.





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