• Lost and found, thunder in space, empty spaces and home alone. But stil In connections and collaboration whit The universe. Today’s work and tribute to friendship. inspiring encouragement. Kind atmosphere. Be amazing and beautiful.
    The underlying question is who we are: how do we distinguish humans from animals? This question can be traced back to the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant was the first to claim that man, unlike animals, is a normative being. What is special about us is that our perceptions and actions are something we are responsible for: they oblige. Specifically, Kant believed that what we were responsible for or committing to was that we should be able to justify our perceptions and actions.
    But one day we have to move out of the room because we were not smart or could agree on climate policy. We consumed ourselves to death. We can send humans to the moon but have no acting power to save our planet