Mercedes with Nick Meek

  • Bold primary colours meet strong abstract shapes in this campaign for Mercedes from Antoni. We travelled with photographer Nick Meek to Calvert Studios, an extraordinary and unique open air car studio in Spain. 

    With perfect organisation, a dream team, and some very early starts, we were able to complete everything despite a colossal thunderstorm! Join us behind the scenes here.

    As before, we worked closely with Nick on developing the unique look he wanted for the images - this time with a more sharply defined feel, technically flawless but still human.

    Some cars had elements such as rims changed in CGI. We also changed the colour of one of the cars, by creating a complete new render of the paint.  And finally one car was made in full CGI...

    ...can you guess which ones these are? 
  • The images were used on billboards and as super-panoramic foldouts.
  • Take a look behind the scenes in the stunning studio, on our blog here.

  • Client: Mercedes-Benz Deutschland
    Photographer: Nick Meek
    Assistants: Jorge Dieguez, Paul Blundell
    Executive Production: Siobhan Squire
    Location: Calvert Studios
    Agency: Antoni
    Executive Creative Director: Veit Moeller
    Creative Director: Christian Kies, Christopher Hoene
    Art Director: Mathias Wilke, Tim Grötzinger
    Copywriter: Matti Lietsch, Luca Haeussler
    Head of Product Communication Cars Germany: Christine Wolburg
    Product Communication Cars Germany: Nancy Weitling
    Art Buyer: Valerie Opitz
    CGI Artist: Kristian Turner / Recom Farmhouse
    Post Artists: Pepe Alram, Kate Brown, Maria Luisa Calosso, Nuria Segura, Aljaz Bezjak / Recom Farmhouse
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