Retail Associates- Digital Posting Week 1

  • Retail Associates- Digital Calendar Posts
  • Digital postings about what industries we are serving— grocery, apparel, coffee, electronics, health and beauty, home specialty and hotel. 
  • My experience

    Again as a newly hired graphic designer I am still at awe how branding is really important to Retail Associates. This is the first company I got to work with that branding is a religion; I like it! Red, black and grey colors are essential when making design layouts. I am so much to learn but I am excited to create more!
  • Team
    Marketing Executive- RA Gonzales
    Content Specialist- RoAnne 
    Graphic Artist- Razil Jacinto
  • Post about grocery and supermarket.
  • Post about fashion and apparel.
  • Post about casual and coffee chains.
  • Post about electronics.
  • Post about health and beauty.
  • Post about home specialty.
  • Post about hotels.
  • Post about grocery
  • Post about fashion
  • Post about coffee
  • Post about services
  • Post about health
  • Post about home living
  • Post about travel
  • Post about our products
  • Post about our products
  • Post about grocery
  • Post about retail
  • Post about food
  • Post about appliances
  • Post about food and drug
  • Post about home living
  • Disclaimer: All illustrations and images are from Freepik. Stock images. 
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