Caito's Journey

  • Caito is a bright young swordsman ready to battle evil and rescue his big brother from the grasp of darkness.
    Ace is Caito's big brother who set out on a journey to become stronger but fell corrupted by dark powers.
    Grandma Hellen is a renowned martial artist back in her day, retired to care for two orphan boys. She may look adorable but she'll kick your ass! After all, you can't spell Hellen without "hell".
  • King Eric is a greedy king who's after the three legendary medallions.
    Hans van Boogen is his trusted advisor, a ruthless strategist who hates kids. Ironic, right?
    Fifi is a sneaky adventurer that earned her freedom with teeth and claws (and knives!), and who’ll become Caito’s unexpected ally on his quest.
    Melony is a confident mage student that only ~slightly~ overestimates her abilities. She tags along with Caito and Fifi to prove herself as the next big fruit bender.
  • The Peck Pack is a street fighting gang whose integrants are Lil' Raf, their bloodthirsty leader, Laurito, an introspective brute, and Gomez, an astute little ninja. They're always looking for a fight, happy to find any excuse to kick some human ass.
    The Feline Fellas are a group of crazy-ass cats in search for glory. They are Smeagol, a berserkat always looking for trouble, Kiki, the strabic mastermind who only cares about food, and clueless Theo, lurking in the shadows for some reason.
  • A mysterious Dark Knight joins the fight!
  • Caito Shippuden! We had a lot of fun imagining the trio as they got older.
  • Digitally painted versions to simulate 3D rendering.
  • Lost in the Woods