Gravity - Sand Creatures II

  • G R A V I T Y   |   S A N D  C R E A T U R E S   I I

    “Sand comes alive and creatures are born in frozen moments of weightlessness...”

    After a long time, I finally started my further progress on creating more Sand Creatures, which led me to these newborn photoseries. Just like ‘Sand Creatures I, these are captured on beaches in Holland, and contain landscape, natural elements and zero gravity. 

    The Sand Creatures series focuses on nature in an unexpected way. The explosive and at times powdery scenes of the grainy sand being thrown into the air can be taken as a manifesting life form, and they become sand creatures. 

    These series form part of my 'Gravity Project', where earths different elements are captured to let them stand out in their natural surroundings using moments of zero gravity.
    Sand Creatures I’ is the first in line, Flower Power' the second. ​​​​​​​

  • Silkworm
  • Shark
  • Cobra
  • Moth
  • Dolphin
  • Dog
  • Lizard
  • Wombat

  • G R A V I T Y   |   S A N D  C R E A T U R E S   I I 

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