Proyecto Cop. 01

  • project cop. 01 modeling

  • Hallow High

  • character designer​​​​​​​ / Corah Louise

  • VLAD (vampire)
    Vlad is in love. I spent an hour this morning choosing his outfit (his favorite tie, sock and trouser combo) and ironed them meticulously. I slicked back his hair, shaved the couple hairs on his upper lip and pulled on his favorite cape. I was ready to go. I walked to school with a shuffle, a nervous frown and a blush sat on his cheeks; his carefully selected gifts swinging in his hands. He had spent the whole weekend choosing his gifts for his love, taking advice from his parents. His Mother (Marguerite) telling him to hand pick some pretty flowers and his Father (Dracula) proclaiming "THE DEADER THE GIFT, THE BETTER THE GIFT!" So Vlad, after some hard thinking, decided on a couple of old handpicked flowers and a rat he had found behind the bin in his garden. I thought the balance between the prettiness of the flowers (a very human tradition) and the darkness of the dead rat would be a perfect gift for any monster around. Vlad stood at the gates of Hallow High, the students bustling through him, he had froze. I could not declare his love to them, what had I been thinking! He started to turn, planning on throwing his gifts behind a tree somewhere when he caught eyes with his love. They were walking towards him, a smile on their face and a small wave being shyly offered. Vlad had a surge of confidence, turning back to face the gate and making his way to his love, flowers and rat confidently in hand.

  • ARTHUR (fantasma)
    Arthur is used to not being seen , he can wander around the human cities with his note pad and pen without a worry. That’s the good thing about being a ghost for Arthur - but it can often make the other monsters quite jealous. You see, the other monsters can be seen and so they can’t very often visit the human cities; they are only allowed to visit on the full moon, festivals and Halloween.

    Arthur lives in the human city, most ghosts do, it’s much cheaper to move into an already furnished human’s house. Also, being quite the introverted species they enjoy the human company (or the lack of). It can take some getting used to being looked at and touched when ghosts living with humans head back to Hallow city - you see, monsters see ghosts just as well as each other, sometimes even clearer. 
    And so this is why - Arthur, so used to not being seen, hates the first day of school and meeting all the new students at Hallow High in the month of Halloween.

  • MEDUSA (Gorgona) 

    Medusa has a wicked reputation, primarily produced by the humans and the stories they created about her and her species. It is true that she can turn people to stone but only on will and only on humans, not that she ever would. It was made illegal to use your power on humans a few decades ago, not that it made a difference to Medusa - although she could think of a couple of humans who have been a bad influence on the human cities recently she’d like to use it on. No, to the monsters Medusa is the softest person you could know. She’s a comic reader, 
    an ice cream addict and film fanatic. She spends most of her time at the local cinema with Lucifer, who although is a ball of energy, will always slow down to walk with her when her childhood injury is flaring up again and she need to use her cane.


  • Character designer, drafting | Corah Louise

    Modeling | Durcot