Chase Bank Mural - Boston

  • Chase Bank Mural
  • I worked with BaM Agency as the chosen Boston artist to represent Chase Banks expansion into New England for 2019 as they open 50+ branches in the greater Boston area. This illustration has been rolled out thoroughly throughout Massachusetts as the trusted artwork representing the brand. The image has been shown so far on the subway, public buses, billboards, and web with more to come.

    Agency: BaM Agency
    Client: JP Morgan Chase
  • The request was to have 10+ cultural elements integrated into the large skyline of Boston. From summer running to winter running, there must be three times the amount requested in the piece. Below is a bunch of details of the alternative color way. Ultimately the blue sky made more sense for the Chase branding as well as the way they wanted their print materials to lock up with type.

    I wanted this piece to feel friendly to the locals and lifetime livers of Boston, while feeling familiar to visitors and tourists in the area. A mix of ‘inside’ culture as well as the obvious landmarks.
  • Click for larger detail view
  • Process & Sketches

    I kept my sketches tight on this project (and have been trying to make a habit of this lately in general). We started with a style test on a food truck and chase building, to get a wide range of security and confidence moving into the other five thousand things I had to draw for the full piece.
  • Colors kept getting pushed slowly more blue, as to fit the branding vision. I tried to get away with a warmer late summer/autumn sky but understandably for the sake of the lifespan of the piece (a multiyear marketing scope) this made more sense with the branding.
  • Print Execution