'Calligraphy' - Effat University (CG)

  • 'Calligraphy' 
    Effat University

  • The Film
  • Effat University is the first institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia, built on the foundation of education going hand-in-hand with traditional Islamic values. 

    Working with Effat University and Proctor & Stevenson, Bomper created an elegant short film, which expresses this unique approach to teaching. Made entirely in CG, the film features the hand of a female calligrapher, deliberately preparing for, and executing, the task of writing in Arabic the Effat University logo.

  • Development

  • Storyboard provided by client.

  • Credits:
    Client: Effat University
    Agency: Proctor & Stevenson
    Production: Bomper Studio
    Executive Creative Director (Agency): Mike Cain
    Account Manager (Agency): Sam Forster-Spira
    Executive Creative Director: Emlyn Davies
    Art Director: Josh Hicks
    Animation: Claire Hodges, Alan Towndrow
    3D Artists: Colin Wood, Rhodri Davies, Tara Mardell, Julia Britton 

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