Publix Kid's Packaging Characters / Mascots

  • Publix Super Markets
    Kids Black Dot Characters
  • A couple of character designs for the Publix Black Dot Kid's. The ask was a BoneHaüs style of clean, attractive, fun characters that would work at scale as well as having high visibility from afar.

    These are now on the shelves across the 1,200+ Publix Super Markets as well as their online grocery ordering service.
  • Gummy Vitamins
  • Mouthwash
  • Process & Sketches
  • Most of the challenge to this project was in creating something unique that stood out as ownable for the Publix brand while coming in a small impactful size. These characters are the first of many for the new kids’ label, so it was important to create a strong foundation that they could expand on down the road.
  • Fusing fruit, gummy, and dinos all together without any one in particular overwhelming the image was a balance worth striking. I tried a rabbit and tiger at first, but it didn’t get the bubble reference enough. The orange started a bit more on the nose, with a full on orange slice for its frill behind the head. Version two took a more anatomical approach, which sold “dinosaur” much better.