Tesco - 'CGI Swirls for the Active Range'

  • 'CG Swirls for the Active Range'
  • Cowan had been working with Tesco to create simple, yet effective designs to engage shoppers across their Health, Beauty and Wellness ranges.

    However, for the Active range, establishing the products as a credible choice to compete with established brands was key. The design intent included a dynamic liquid swirl with ingredients. Therefore, with CGI liquid and ingredients being our speciality, Cowan and Tesco enlisted Bomper to create hyperreal, dynamic visuals to reinforce the quality of the products.

    Ensuring a strong liquid colour, thick and gooey consistency and hyperrealism of the CGI ingredients, would be essential to enhancing the flavour attributes.

    In this case, the ingredients became the hero of the pack, helping consumers understand there’s something delicious in the product.