Giant poster for Wonder art book

  • I wanted to create a poster for Wonder that would show the intriguing and misterious feeling of when we're about to create something. 
    So i decided to use the metaphor of this book, a glass house.
    In this case, i started with a sketch. In here my aim was to show the main idea and the concept. 
  • Since this sketch was quite messy and the view of the camera is quite strange, i had to structure the glass house a bit so that the perspective would make sense. 
  • To see if this idea would work, i felt like i needed to see it a bit better. So a quick color test helped a lot with a lot of decisions. like leaving some space blank in the windows for the light to come inside a little bit, or not adding too many things on the floor to let the drawing breathe a bit. 
  • Since we wanted the illustration to be a large panoramic poster, i opened a bit the camera and showed more of the sides too. Creating a little bit more of a wide angle. 
  • Setting the image to black and white from time to time helps me see if my values are correct and every object is understood and separate from the rest.
  • When working on big illustrations that are full of objects, I find that i need to step back a lot and look at the overall instead of the details.
  • After all the elements are inserted on the painting, i love to enhance a bit the overall volume of things.
  • And finally what i find the most fun of all, lighting! 
  • Gargoyles inspired by the MET museum in NYC. A pot inspired in Dani Diez's Labyrinth.