Country of Imagination

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  • Imagination is everywhere I'm sure. Imagination is on the ground. I'm very confident. I do not accept the discussion. In the dream of a veterinarian, I am not aware that it is a dream. I believe that it is proof of my words, believe me.
    Help me every time I offer you the idea refuse, but today I go Search the city of imagination dreamed by
     Who will help me?
    As usual they moved away and thought I was crazy. Today I need to look at it. I will equip my vehicle. And go out and look at it by myself and I will not ask for help from anyone.
    In my dream there is always severe injustice. But the light of the place is hard I am looking for a light and go behind him.
    My vehicle is now a way to get out of the country. I will not wait a second.
    I am confident in the light of the country that leads me.
    Let's start the trip alone with confidence in the country of fantasy and my dream and God created me alone. But with me is evidence that proves the existence of imagination.
    The road is dark and scary and the wave is very difficult and difficult to continue. But I never give up. I stood before all people because my dream
    In light comes from afar. The boat became attracted by itself and the wave became quiet and reached a place filled with light A wonderful place in a door like a dream door I do not know how to open it. But I am confident in the imagination
    The door is open.
    The place is beautiful and full of imagination.
    I'm tired until I get out of you.
    A beautiful place I do not go from here do not go because I learned that the guide in fiction.
     Where did the boat go? How can I do that? I can not go back to my country. I do not need to go back. It is my country that has ratified and secured it. This is my new place. I will do everything by myself. I will wait for someone who comes here and is confident in the imagination.

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