• Lone Wolf is a series of 29 gamebooks, created by Joe Dever. 
    The series was first published in July 1984 and sold more than 9 million copies worldwide.
    The story focuses on the fictional world of Magnamund, where the forces of good and evil fight for control of the planet. The protagonist is Lone Wolf, last of his caste of warrior monks known as Kai Lords. The book series is written in the second person and recounts Lone Wolf's adventures as if the reader is the main character. As Lone Wolf, the reader makes choices at regular intervals throughout the story which then change the course, and the final outcome, of the book.

    Our team had to create a new, complex version of the current logo, while remaining in all the shaped and proportions.
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  • Book Covers by Alberto Dal Lago​​​​​​​
  • The Masters of Darkness
  • The Kingdoms of Terror 
  • Dead in the Deep 
  • Client: Holmgard Press / Welcome Studio
    Creative Director: Andy Callahan
    Creative production agency: Looma
    Art Director: Sergey Prokopchuk
    3d modeling: Alexander Remishevskiy
    Sketches: Olexa Andrushenko
    Cover illustrations: Alberto Dal Lago