Garlic Festival 2019

  • Garlic Festival 2019
    at Arnold's Bar & Grill

    People are always saying... "You can never have enough Garlic" so Arnold's Bar and Grill decided to put that to the test

    Once upon a time waaaaay back in 1998 Jim Tarbell used to host an event in Grammer’s parking lot called The Cincinnati Garlic Festival. He convinced some of the best restaurants in Cincinnati to come set up booths, printed T-shirts to sell and even had a mascot dressed up in a Garlic bulb suit. It was a little smelly and a lot of fun. This year Arnold’s got their blessing from Jim and decided that this year that vision needs to return to Cincinnati.

    We teamed up with the legendary local design firm, We Have Become Vikings, to reinvent the mascot, logos and branding for the event. Beyond the fact that they made the whole thing look amazing, we will also be selling limited edition T-shirts and hand numbered screen prints that were born to hang in even the most discerning urban dwellers kitchen.

    Not to mention we have teamed up with no less than 8 local business, purveyors, brewers and more to create special garlic creations for this one of a kind weekend. Arnold’s will have special garlic beer creations from not one, not two, but three of Cincinnati’s best breweries. Listermann’s, Fifty West and Rhinegeist have each brewed a one off garlic beer for the event. Garlic Gelato from Madisonos, Garlic pretzels from Wunderbar!, Garlic soup from La Soupe, Garlic breads from Sixteen Bricks bakery, and garlic sausage and meats from Avril Bleh butchers. Plus we will be featuring our own Garlic cocktails and a bevy of Garlic themed appetizers, entrees and desserts from our own Chef Kayla Robison.

    Pair all of that with live music from Root Cellar Xtract on Friday from 8-11:30 and The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs on Saturday from 8-11:30 and you have got one heck of a weekend.