Colors In Me- 2018 Portfolio

  • Colors In Me- Open The World With Differences 
  • Main Concept: Differences can make our world vibrant and meaningful. Judging something without even trying it was something I had to overcome in the past year. Experiencing what I thought was not enough made me an even better person. Bad things are not always negative but something you need to embrace in order to see the brighter side of you.
  • My experience

    When I was doing my portfolio I was hesitant doing the 'color' concept because of the idea of too feminine but at the end, I thought it was exactly the idea of my portfolio- to bring differences together. 

    I am always a fan of pastel and bright colors because when I was a kid, I had a minor surgery in my eye and the doctor advised me to always look at bright colors like green, orange and light blue. Thus, green became my favorite color because it reminds me to stay put and relax for awhile. 

    All my works that I have showcased here, were from my previous company Offshore Intelligence. Even though most of the illustrations were from stock images I am still excited to share it how I made a concept from scratch to a final artwork. 

    After finishing the portfolio, I instantly listed some of my new ideas for my new portfolio this coming 2020. I guess, from the previous years I have just showcased legit and full-time works this time, it would be something personal. 

    Please stay tuned next year and you can read my portfolio (link below)

    Thank you! Dank u wel! Maraming Salamat!

  • Portfolio cover depicting this year's theme and concept.
  • Inside page- The Designer and table of contents
  • Colors in Me: Open The World with Differences is a compilation of my works from 2018 to 2019. 
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