Dandelion- The Warmth Of Perseverance

  • Dandelion- The Warmth Of Perseverance
  • Main Concept: A failure is not a loss but merely winning with progress. A year of hurdles and hard work made me appreciate all the things in life- from small to big ones. Just like a dandelion that can be easily blown away by the wind yet still blooms elsewhere vibrantly.
  • My Experience

    The whole concept of my portfolio is based in my favorite girl groups (haha) AKB48 and Nogizaka46. The dandelion art is based on Kidzuitara Kataomoi (Unrequited Love) by Nogizaka46 where they used it as a source of life. Please watch the music video, the story is amazing while the colors are based on the AKB48's Negaigoto no Mochigusare (The Waste of a Wish). 

    When I was doing this portfolio I honestly wanted to postpone it because of the sheer amount of works I needed to filter because I am grateful enough to have made 100+ artworks for Vikings in a short period of time. 

    This portfolio will always remind me how to be grateful at the same time, do your 100%.
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  • Dandelion: Open The Warmth of Perseverance is a compilation of my works from 2016 to 2018 
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    Please visit my online portfolio: www.issuu.com/raziljacinto

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