I'm Still Thinking

  • I'm Still Thinking
  • Main Concept: Every step is progress no matter how wrong or right our actions can be. Being part of the industry with such full competitiveness, energy and vibrancy all I need is to stop for awhile and think.
  • My Experience

    When I was doing this portfolio, I just left from my work and this portfolio was actually the execution of what I have learned from Graphic Masters. Even though I honestly had a hard time dealing with clients I learned the basics of graphic design. I am forever grateful with Graphic Masters for that.

    Basically all my works here are from my college years especially my favorite final thesis and internship projects. These were the times I was hesitant to share my works here on Behance because a lof of designers are beyond master of their own crafts.

    I had fun doing this project and it landed me my 2nd job, which was in Vikings. 
  • Front and back pages. Photos are taken in University of the Philippines, Diliman
  • Inside Pages
  • Inside Pages
  • Inside Pages
  •  I'm Still Thinking: Every Step is Progress is a compilation of my works from 2015 to 2017.
  • Thank you for reading!
    Please visit my online portfolio: www.issuu.com/raziljacinto

    You can contact me at: raziljacinto@gmail.com