Yulonglli's New Year Reunion Dinner

  • Yulonglli's New Year Reunion Dinner

  • I did this illustration for my exchange course project on creating something that represents yourself. I want to discuss this topic by introducing my family's Chinese New Year reunion dinner because food is the best choice for me to take a look at my culture also represent me as well.
    I mainly focused on eight dishes I may cook for my parents in our traditional festival, which comes from my hometown, the city where I'm living, and my boyfriend's kitchen.
    For example, the shredded cucumber with sauce, a quickly cooked starter made with the classic but straightforward Chinese spices, is the key to open the door of chinses cuisine and the backgrounds behind me. 
    So I connect those dishes with people who not only build a relationship with me by teaching me their recipes but also affect me profoundly. The food I cooked is a unique way of expressing my love to them. Meanwhile, it also reflects who I am, with my unique memory, experience, and self- identification.

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