• OneMore Fitness

    OneMore is a freshly opened fitness gym in Muscat, Oman with a focus on Crossfit.

    The mission was to come up with a name and a visual identity, that attract both genders and give the project a dynamic and fresh image.

    The name OneMore is inspired from fitness sport itself, and especially from Crossfit, where it's all about that one more set or rep. OneMore is probably what one hears most from their trainer or gym buddy. So it made sense to go with something people are already familiar with. With OneMore we also saw the opportunity to better integrate the naming in the brand, by using various combinations like "OneMore Squat, OneMore Push, and so on.." 

    Visual Identity
    Attracting both genders to the same fitness studio in an Arab country with traditions like Oman's, meant that we need to dig deeper into the essence of sports and fitness. So we wanted to sell OneMore as a source of enthusiasm and vibrance for everyone, instead of going with a traditional fitness gym look.
    This had us working with elements, which have little to nothing to do with sports and fitness, directly. Instead, we came up with the brush strokes and the vivid, contrasting colors, which imply energy and action. As well as the 15 degrees shear angle of the logo, which suggests movement.