Slim's - Venue Branding

  • Opened in 1988 by legendary R&B artist Boz Scaggs, Slim’s is a live music nightclub dedicated to providing the public with excellent service, a friendly atmosphere, good food & drinks, and the finest music.

    Slim's asked us to undertake a full brand refresh for the club, from a refresh of the original logo to the creation of a fluid brand system that would work across every touchpoint from all print marketing to posters, digital banners, all social and digital, merchandise, wayfinding, interior activations and art-direction.

    The goal was to create unified identities between GAMH and Slim's that are capable of expressing themselves flexibly across all media, products and services.

    Our ambition was the give Slim's a new visual identity that it could own and also pay homage to the history and heritage of the well know venue.