Madre Eterna Mural


    This mural was painted over the course of 2 weeks in Mexico city in what is known to be Latin-America's biggest food and produce market "Central de Abastos".

    The idea behind it was not only to decorate the market but to initiate a conversation on pollution, environmental issues and the social and psychological effect of art. We wanted to bring the murals to the market so people feel like they need to care for the space and feel good about buying there and/or working there. 

    "Madre Eterna" means "Eternal Mother" and it's inspired by the way mother nature has had infinite patience with the human kind and how we perceive nature as an unlimited source of resources which will never run out when it's the total opposite, if we don't change our ways now it might be too late not in ten or twenty years, it might be too late in 2 years to turn things around.

    Special thanks to CEDA, WDT and UNICEF for making this possible.