Concept Art & Advertising work - up to 2018

  • Concept Art & Advertising Works - Up to 2018

    Color keys, concept art and environment design I did at Gizmo Animation Studios as Lead 2D Artist, that I couldn't share before. Enjoy!

    Color keys done over 3D models for the announcement trailer of AION - Legions of War.

    Client: NCsoft.
    Director: Ema Verruno.
  • FInal piece by Gizmo Studio.

    Environment designs / color keys done under the supervision of Team Lead Ema Verruno, with great support of Lead lighting & Supervisors Alejandro Ghio & Paolo Giordana. Here the project.

    Commisioned by Psyop
    Client: Psyop - Travelers Insurance Company
    Director: Jack Anderson
    Gizmo Team Lead: Ema Verruno
  • Final piece by Gizmo
  • The Stage.
  • Discarded design of a college dorm.
  • QUIERO - IDs

    Concept art / color keys and character designs done under the direction of Nico Presas, for TV music channel QUIERO.

    Client: ARTEAR
    Director: Nico Presas
  • Final pieces by Gizmo.
  • Process example, for scratch to final concept.
  • Concept for Urban ID.
  • Concept for Rock ID.
  • Concept for Melodic ID.
  • Concept for Pop ID.
  • Character exploration - 01
  • Character exploration - 02
  • Discarded version of Pop ID character.
  • UBI BANCA - Campaign 

    Concept art /environment design done for an animation campaign for Italian bank UBI Banca .

    Client: UBI Banca
    Gizmo Director: Nico Presas