Ginger Monkey Design is pleased to unveil the distinctive European label designs for Missouri Ridge Bourbon – the award-winning craft liquor imported and bottled in the UK by Coastal Distillery.

    The Coastal Distillery

    Package design / Lettering / Illustration
  • With an increasingly crowded spirits shelf, the challenge was to produce something individual and eye-catching, while at the same time communicating the evocative story of the drink’s origins. To do so, Ginger Monkey founder Tom Lane took a deep dive into the product’s heritage in order to come up with a winning label system.
  • Core to the design is a focus on the copper still process perfected by master distiller M Gregory Pope at Missouri Ridge Distillery in Branson, Missouri. Copper foil outlines highlight the main lettering on the label, while the rich green background mirrors the copper sulphate/carbonate patina that develops on an old copper roof.
  • Tom Lane’s handcrafted typography and illustrations reflect the attention to detail that goes into the bourbon, from the use of all-natural ingredients through to aging in charred oak barrels. But the design goes deeper still, with an illustration of a woodburning stove which traces M Gregory Pope’s distilling heritage back to his grandfather, who ran an illicit woodburning still many decades ago and passed on his recipes to his grandson.