Airbnb Pacific

  • Airbnb Pacific

    A few videos with Oddfellows for Airbnb featuring families, fun situations and cozy places. If you are a nature lover or a baby toting guy, there’s always a family friendly home in spectacular locations.

    My role
    illustration, art direction

    Directed by: Oddfellows

    Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
    Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
    Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney
    Design: Loris F. Alessandria
    Cel Animation: Connie Chan, Song Kim, Carlos De Faria, Taik Lee, Nicole Stafford
    2d Animation: Arley Cornell, Colin Trenter, Jon Riedell
    Music and Sound: Marmoset, Joe Basile

  • ↓ Character study and part of storyboards

  • ↓ Video 01 "Ski"

  • ↓ Video 02 "Family"

  • ↓ Video 03 "Cozy"