Mondo / Iron Man

  • Iron Man - Marvel Studios / The first ten years
    Client: Mondo   |   Marvel Studios   |   Year: 2018  

    Screen print poster for "Marvel Studios, The first ten years" exhibit by Mondo Gallery.
    The core idea was to pay homage to the very heart of the MCU: Tony Stark forging the Mark 1 helmet. 

    Role: Illustration, Poster Design

  • Tools:  Adobe Illustrator CC  Adobe Photoshop CC   |  Wacom Cintiq  

  • Sketch  |  WIP  

  • 36" x 24"  Screenprint   |  7 Colors  |  White Paper  |   Edition of 275  |  Printed by DL Screenprinting 

  • Mondo Gallery  |  Exhibit promo postcard  

    "The show postcard above reveals César Moreno’s print for the first IRON MAN. The striking image highlights an iconic moment of the MCU’s first hero building his first suit, laying a foundation for dozens of characters to eventually join Earth’s (and the Galaxy’s) mightiest heroes in the greatest interconnected universe of films in cinematic history."
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  • Cheers Tony!
  • Personal copies of this poster available HERE !
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