• Taking inspiration from the classic grid design, originating from Switzerland, I have created minimal poster designs based on three movies from Christopher Nolan’s amazing filmography

    Although he already used non-linear story telling in his debut, Following, here Nolan uses a backwards plot structure to be the main hook of the movie.
    I have used a spiral to represent not only the backwards timeline but also the degrading state of Leonard's (Guy Pearce) mind. The crosses symbolises the various events that Leonard deems important enough to taboo all over his body.
    Arguably the most emotional of Nolans films. The scene were Coop watched the videos from his children after escaping Miller's ocean planet is devastating.
    This design suggests how, during space travel Coop and Brand's journey causes time to be inconsistent and undulate as they travel trough wormholes and near black holes.
    My favourite of Nolans movies so far. Or at least the most "re-watchable". First class action set pieces and mind-bending, intricately plotted story about that desperate need to just get "home".
    Did the spinning top wobble or not?
    Here I have used ever decreasing squares to symbolise Cobb and his team’s journey into the dreams within dreams. Each square is made up of hundreds of rectangles, showing the cityscape folding in on itself.