Shinwa Home Co.

  • Shinwa Home Co.
    Branding and Illustration for real-estate company.

    Client : 株式会社信和ホーム
  • Illustration CONCEPT : 

    We wanted to deviate from a photo-oriented catalogue-style house presentation.
    Instead, we wanted to add illustrations, making an attractive graphic to reflect attractive living.
    Making a House = Making a Town.
    Here is a fun, lively, communication-friendly space.
    We drew the street as a main scene, and there is a festival feeling, with a lot of people enjoying themselves.
    We made art works for the condominium company, and now this time it is for the house sales company in the same group.
    For details : Shinwa Estate Co.

  • Street Parade
  • House / Front
  • Rooms
  • Process:
    Thumbnail ideas, Rough sketches were drawn to decide the whole angle and layout.
    After getting the client's "OK," the thickness of the lines was decided and the real lines were drawn.
    Then Coloring to finish.
  • Process: Street Parade

  • CM  Movie
  • TV CM Movie STAFF : 
    Illustration : Hirofumi Kamigaki、Daisuke Matsubara ( IC4DESIGN )
    Production : 
    Director : Hiroyuki Miyagawa (buzzCrow)
    Producer : Yuki Okuno (buzzCrow)
    Editor : Kohei Masumiya (buzzCrow)
    Animation :  Kazuo Makino 
    Sound : Yusuke Miyachi (GRANDFUNK)
    MA : Takuma Iwashita (U2)
    Narrator : Mami Adachi 
    Advertising agency : Seneisha
    Account representive : Keiichiro Takata