Illustrations for DODO Pizza

  • TASK
    The client asked us to create a series of three illustrations for pizza boxes of various sizes. The task was to create packaging that would bring an independent value for customers and for the brand itself. The additional conditions were strict limitations in printing technology, as well as the fact that this package is intended for use in Dodo pizzerias all around the world. So we had to find some universal cultural codes.

    We created illustrations representing fragments of urban landscapes in isometric projection. Illustrations are full of details, characters, life scenes, funny or mysterious situations related to pizza. What’s important, each illustration is filled with diverse cultural references – references to famous movies, tv shows, paintings, historical events and modern memes. According to reviews of the first buyers, some of them “stick over the illustrations for half an hour”, in search of familiar details. Thus, using this package, the brand enters into a dialogue with the consumer in his language and in an unobtrusive manner makes it clear that it has common values ​​with the audience - openness to the world and good taste in the broadest sense of the word.